Soundfair, Laura Berman_Next and KROME Gallery present:

International Contemporary Ensemble, Bo Christian Larsson and Guests



November 29 - December 1, 2012
Overture: November 29 from 12 pm
Opening: November 29 at 6 pm


„Bring yourself. Bring food. Bring a piece (may be we will play it).“

CONCERT is a deconstruction of a musical performance, which raises questions about the accepted conventions and rules related to this form of event, featuring the New Yorker Ensemble ICE in their first Berlin appearance. In this case the various steps in the process of creating a concert - from the selection of the work and the rehearsals, to the actual performance and moments in between - will be audible and visible as one event spanning three days. Swedish artist Bo Christian Larsson has created an installation especially for CONCERT that further blurs the usual boundaries between onstage and off, between the audience and the artists. ICE, one of America‘s foremost ensembles, will perform works by major composers such as Steve Reich, John Cage and Alvin Lucier as well new work developed with young composers as part of their ICE Lab. Musicians and composers are encouraged to bring music and/or an instrument or perhaps some refreshments to share in the breaks and thereby be part of creating new work in this one-off event at KROME Gallery.